Tangiharuru Apa Trust

2024 Education Grants Now Open

Applications are now open for students) that are descendants of Tangiharuru and Apa.
The Trust has partnered with the Maori Education Trust to provide increased grant amounts and online processing education grants.
Applications can only be made online via the online MET Application Portal located at the following site:

Scholarship Information – Maori Education Trust

Secondary years 12 and 13
Undergraduate Scholarships
Postgraduate scholarships 

Applications close on 30 April 2024.
For any online processing issues contact the Maori Education Trust by phone 04 586 7971 or email

2024 Education Grants Policy

  1. Persons who qualify for an education grant will be descendants of Tangiharuru and Apa.
  2. Applicants must supply a clear whakapapa either endorsed by a recognised Ngati Manawa Kaumatua or Ngatimanawa Incorporation Committee member.
  3. Students must be currently attending a NZQA (or overseas equivalent) tertiary institution on a fulltime or part-time basis or an institution or training scheme approved by the Trustees.  The Trust will also provide grants for year 12 & 13 Secondary Students.
  4. Part-time students will receive 50% of the full-time rate. Part-time students will include students doing 3 or less papers and short courses.
  5. All students who qualify for a grant will receive an amount (which varies each year depending on total sum available and the number of approved students) per year of attendance determined by the Trustees. For 2024 the amount per year of continuous study is:
    1st Year  $150
    2nd Year $250
    3rd Year $350
    4th Year $450
    5th Year $550
    6th Year $650
    Additional top up will be provided by MET
  6. The amount for secondary students is $150.
  7. The Trust will also make available 3 scholarships of $1500 each known as:
    Maurice Bird Scholarship
    Pererika Twist Scholarship
    Agriculture/Forestry Scholarship
  8. The Trust has partnered with the Maori Education Trust (MET) and applications must be made on line through the MET Portal by 30th April 2024.
  9. Incomplete or late applications will be rejected. The Trust or MET reserve the right to request further information from applicants.
  10. Grants will be paid tax free from MET direct to successful applicants.
  11. Any policy interpretation is entirely at the discretion of the Trustees.